Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Glögg Blog

I paid a buck for a duck
and got a buck for the duck...
   Some people have said I should call this chapter my Glögg Blog. I like the sound of that. Glögg was served at the Danish Christmas Dinner and surprisingly enough, we ran out! Jannnike (Joni) served up the Danish open face sandwiches as Sanne (Sheri) handled the ducks and Danish meatballs, red cabbage, green beans and port wine sauce while I roasted the pork and poured the wine. For dessert, the Kringle and the Belgian waffles (Flodevafler) were hugely successful as I received help from Helge (Hannah) and Hildegard (Heather). Hildegard was so much help with the waffles that I decided that she earned the Viking horns and she wore them proudly. Their parents, Greg (Gunther & Jannike) & Joni graciously helped do the dishes. Many thanks! Soon after dessert we plundered the gifts under the Christmas tree.
Helge helping with the Kringle
   After the guests were all gone, we had the big clean up to do. What an endless chore! As we started seeing light at the end of the tunnel was when I first started seeing the chance to make another pizza. With the leftovers I thought about exploring a bit further. Leif would have! There was some duck scraps left and to spare the the suspense, I decided to make a duck pizza. Yes, I Googled duck pizza and there was somebody who had already done it. (Wolfgang Puck to be exact!) I followed his lead and ended up with one of the worst tasting pizzas I had ever made. There are just some things that don't need to be on a pizza: duck is one of them. I've never thrown out one of my pizzas but after tasting it and trying to keep an open mind, the duck pizza was the first to end up face down in the trash. I think Leif would have turned around and headed home had he discovered a duck pizza on his trip to discovering the New World.

New World & Old World Vikings
Jannike, Hildegard, Sanne, Vulgar and Avila
   I had hinted that there might be an appearance of a Viking or a St. Pauli girl and of course there was. Sanne and Vidar made their presence known by dressing up in pseudo Viking era garb. One of my nieces couldn't remember my Danish name of Vidar and when it came out she had inadvertantly renamed me Vulgar! I laughed so hard that I chose to keep the name so now I am Vulgar the Horrible. It sort of describes the duck pizza too.

Sanne & Vulgar the Horrible
Jannike's open faced sandwiches
                                           I had finished the Viking ship mural at two in the morning before the event and it was a perfect back drop to the Danish decor. Leif would've been proud. All in all, I do believe it was the best Christmas ever, as so many have mentioned to me. The Danish flags and decorations are still hanging about as we can't seem to take them down just yet. As for the Lutefisk pizza, I mentioned it a few times and received looks of horror from those who knew what Lutefisk was. Rest assured, lutefisk didn't make it on the menu. It won't make it on a pizza either, no matter what Woklfgang Puck says.
Hildegard earned her horns
Roast duck stuffed with prunes & apples

Belgian waffle with pearl sugar topped
with Nutella and whipped cream

Danish Kringle
Grandma's recipe

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