Sunday, January 2, 2011

Garlic Supreme

   After nearly two dozen tries with experiments, twists and the occasional tweak, I found out what I should've thought of months ago. Don't give up!
   I started fresh again and decided I wasn't going to let the pros have all the fun making a white garlic pizza sauce. One of many recipes that came close started with a whole white onion and chopped it with grated garlic cloves and said to saute' it. It taste-tested pretty darn good but was very lumpy due to the chopped onions. The twist I put on it was only slightly saute' in butter but don't brown the onion/garlic mixture. Add desired amounts of salt & pepper then dump it in the blender to puree after adding some heavy cream or at least half & half. After it becomes consistently smooth, put it back in the pan to thicken it with a small amount of cornstarch then bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! Oh, I could tell my secret but for now I want to test it a few more times before making it public. I think it will rank up there with Round Table's Italian Garlic Supreme pizza.
   A friend, who used to work at a Round Table decades ago, has been given the entire recipe to make and taste-test my formula and procedure. Once he has tried it and approved it I think I will have the secret solved.
   At this point I'm not looking to change their pizza toppings that go on the Garlic Supreme as I can't think of any better combination than what they have put on theirs...except maybe the tomatoes. The tomatoes make for a nice colorful pizza topping to the green onions, small amounts of pepperoni and Italian sausage, but they could be swapped out for anything else that is red, say red chili peppers or red onions. Just not a huge fan of cooked tomatoes other than in a sauce. In keeping that particular topping red it repeats the colors of the Italian flag in a different way than the Margherita pizza was designed to repeat the colors of their flag originally when presented to Queen Margherita.
   If you are a fan of garlic then it might be worth mentioning that garlic has been around for 6000 years and clay models of garlic were even found in King Tut's tomb. It has been revered as a method to repel vampires, and as an aphrodisiac as well. Good or bad, it has a long history in homeopathic remedies as well. Lois Pasteur verified that it has anti-septic qualities, as well as anti-bacterial. It also has the ability to ward off fleas and mosquitoes. My favorite side note is that during the early part of the 20th century some references have been made about garlic as the Bronx Vanilla and Italian perfume! It is possibly the number one healing plant known to man. That alone should qualify it as Garlic Supreme in anybody's book.


  1. After moving from the West to the East Coast I found (much to my chagrin) that there are no Round Table Pizza Restaurants out here. Since the Italian Garlic Supreme is my absolutely favorite pizza, I have spent several years trying to emulate it. Although the various sauce attempts I have developed are not bad, they have not come close to that unique Round Table flavor. I am trying your onion, garlic, cream, sauté recipe today. I’ll let you know how it goes. I would love to know the “secret” and how it tested, if you care to share (I quickly perused your other posts, but did not find it). Thanks for the suggestion! I look forward to tasting the results.

  2. The sauce is mayonnaise based...a little similar to ranch dressing. I frequently taste the eggy, vinegary flavor in the background.