Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Time to Vote: Vince vs. The World

     It's time to vote for your favorite food pairing with the Santa Margherita Chianti. We opened a bottle of it with friends this last Sunday and sipped it with two of my home baked pizzas.  If it wasn't $30 a bottle I'd have it regularly but that will not be happening soon! Many of you have already commented on the video and many more whom I don't actually know have left some great comments and compliments. To all of you I say, thank you. Now in the future if you choose to bring a bottle of wine over I won't have any objections if you were to pick up a bottle or three of the Santa Margherita Chianti and head on over. I was actually able to find it at Safeway under the Imports sign that read Italy on sale for $19.99. I could live with that!
   This contest right now is a popularity contest it appears. The category that I am in is for pairing my recipe of the Margherita pizza with their Chianti. The winner in each category goes to L.A. and will cook for them. The winners there will go to Chicago and compete. Have your kids vote if they have an email address and put it on FaceBook, Twitter and whatever else is out there. This is my campaign for better pizza and wine!  I will need all of their votes! Thank you and Pizza on Earth! Vince  Here is the link: http://www.santamargherita.us/Contest/2010/ViewEntry/54

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