Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Pizza Trilogy

    The Pizza Trilogy, that's what I think I should call it. When having a group of friends or family over and we are going to be providing the food then I'm thinking 3 pizzas should cover it as far as hot, gooey, comfort food goes. But which three? So, after discussing it with Sheri and tossing some ideas around we came up with, Around the World, or Thick & Thin, The Hat  Trick, The Trinity Project (BoooooM!) What about the Perfecta Trifecta? Or how about: Pi x Diameter squared? That could be 3.14 pizzas that someone like Pythagorous would appreciate. Too confusing for the non math people in the group. But still, which three? So this is what I decided. One from Italy, one from New York and one from California. The Pizza Trilogy it is. This way we would get some sense of evolution and and taste of the past as well. Start off with a Margherita on a 00 flour thin crust dough. Light and flavorful like an appetizer with a glass of Santa Margherita Chianti to pair it with. Then a New York cheese pizza with the authentic products, dough and cheeses and finally a thick, rustic crust California style with all kinds of goodies such as pepperoni, sausage, onions, peppers, olives and what all.
   Already, I am seeing a hole in that concept. My garlic & clam is evolving more each time I make it. This last time around we did a triple garlic hat trick on it (meaning roasted garlic, sauteed garlic and finally some fresh ground garlic) and one delightful lady friend of ours who has tasted Tony's Garlic & Clam told me she believes my garlic and clam is better than his! Wow! I would never tell Tony that unless of course I was taking his $2000 pizza making course and I was feeling particularly boastful. I figured for 2 grand I could tell him whatever I want! Better than Tony's? I didn't claim that but she did so I will accept that. Such a compliment, thank you. I woke up this morning thinking about that too. Hmmm, that good huh? So, where would that fit into my pizza trilogy? Maybe for those times when 3 isn't enough and the fourth pizza is required. Or maybe not include it at all but start a sequel, so to speak. Or make that my signature pizza and pair it with chewing gum or breath mints afterwards. Everyone should have one more trick up their sleeve and leave them begging for more. I think I will make that the crown jewel for now anyway.

  On another note,  my Marghmeata pizza really does go well with the red Santa Margherita Chianti and I hope everyone went and voted for it at the link provided. My video and the voting are at this link.       
The voting goess until July 15th so I would love to have your support. You can vote everyday. So vote often! Thanks and pizza on earth!
(As pizza consultant, Albert Grande would say)

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