Monday, October 15, 2012

Got the Pizza and Beer Blues

   Got the blues one more time. Just as I had told everyone about the Blue Moon gig where I was sent to Denver for with the training and all and then never heard from them again I figured my stint was over as a Blue Moon ambassador before it began. No problem, on to other things like murals, TV appearances and wood-fired pizza. That's when the phone call from Denver came in. "Vince, we have a gig for you this week on Friday" they said. "OK, great! When and where?""We'll get back to you."Tuesday comes and goes. Wednesday comes and goes. Thursday finally rolls around and still nothing. I call them back, and they can't believe I haven't been told when and where! Oh, it doesn't sound like it's really going to happen. Just as I was mentally preparing myself for the worst my contact shows up with all the gear, easel, canvas. paints and brushes.
One happy artist!
   The evening went just as planned and just like in training while people lined up to help contribute to the Blue Moon painting. Budding artists, pretty girls and a throng of others who wanted to contribute their two strokes worth. One of the patrons had asked me why wasn't I contributing to the painting? Especially since they had hired artists to do this promotional gig! I had to tell him, "Blue Moon is paying me NOT to paint." "Huh, that sounded funny," I thought. Hmmm, I thought they liked my art, that's why they hired me! Right?! Either way the completed painting will hang at the Pour House in Sacramento where the event took place.
    Meanwhile, I had been called by a former client who had been showing off pictures of the latest mural I had finished for her. Somehow Good Day Sacramento got wind of it for their Dream Destination on the morning show of August 18th. The camera crew and news guy were interested in doing a piece using my mural as a topic. The mural on her back wall was of a scene of Paris with the Eiffel Tower in the background. Seven o'clock in the morning, we aired live from her backyard with Tamara, the owner, and I, as we talked about the origination and the construction of the painting. That was a fun little spot, not to mention some free advertising for me!
During all these appearances of paintings and the like, I still was able to fashion a pizza I had only read about. It was called a Bacon & Blue. Sounded good, so I had to do a little research. Bacon, of course gets my mouth watering right away. So the blue had to be Blue Cheese, which of course it was. I had made up some ranch dressing to use instead of a red or white sauce. First a thin layer of shredded mozzarella and a just a sprinkle of the blue cheese. Topped it with some cut up, thick sliced, fried bacon, some chopped green onion and red peppers and mmm mmmm. It's a keeper.
Bacon & Blue

   This last week Sheri's sister and brother-in-law were driving through on their way from Arizona to Oregon. It seemed like the logical thing to do, which was pull the pizza trailer out of the garage and fire it up for them. I had watched a TV show that featured mobile food trucks and one of them was a pizza trailer. One of their signature pizzas was getting great responses from the customers. A combination of cheeses that made me ooze with curiosity. Mozzarella, Fol epi, Provolone and Blue Cheese baked on a docked dough coated in a garlic olive oil and basil bits. The final touch was a spray of truffle oil over the top. I have to say, it was better than any cheese pizza I had ever tasted with an earthiness from the wood-fired oven and again the truffle oil it made for an elegant and rustic pizza at the same time. 
    Hand crafted, wood-fired pizza on your driveway. If that doesn't drive away the blues then I need to change hobbies and professions!

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