Monday, July 9, 2012

Tuscan Sun Pizza Co.

    I can't believe more than a month has passed since my last blog. We've been so busy jumping through the hoops that our wonderful government leaders have set up for any small business trying to get it together. Any of you that have been through it know exactly what I'm talking about. Add food to the equation and more agencies want their share of the yet-to-be-earned profits well in advance. I won't get into the whole bureaucratic bull---- that speaks double talk in a foreign tongue but just to give you an idea, the health department requires fly netting on all four sides of the makeshift kitchen under the canopy when doing events in public areas. OK, I get that. However, when they go on to say you can have one side open to work the BBQ, pizza oven or whatever do they even remember that flies can fly and easily go around to that opening and get in anyway? Why don't they just have us post it four or five languages in big red, easy to read lettering that says, flies are not allowed in the kitchen area? It would make as much sense! Alright, I'm getting sarcastic but at least I'm making sense!
   Much has progressed since buying the pizza trailer. Papers are getting signed, forms being filled out, questions are getting answered, website being constructed, fees,  distributors sought out, advertising, fees,  printing, safety issues, fees, permits, fees, DMV, more questions, more answers and on and on.
   So, you ask, "How's the pizza business going, Vince?" Do you want the long answer or the short answer? Short answer: "It's going great!" Now the long answer. We have 2, possibly 3 events lined up for the end of July and early August. The 40th annual Courtland Pear Fair in Courtland, CA along the river in Mayberry, uh, I mean Courtland will be our first professional gig. It's a one day event with a car show, parade, Pear Queen and food vendors using...guess what! Pears! If you guessed it, then I suppose you've been to it before and already knew the answer.
   Next question will be, "Vince, have you ever made a pizza with a pear in it?" Obvious answer is, no, I haven't but I am going to be making a couple of them for the Pear Fair as requested by the event coordinator. One will be a savory pear pizza using gorgonzola over an olive oil coated dough, thin sliced proscuitto and thinly sliced pears, topped with walnuts. Yes, it's been done before and no you won't find it at Pizza Hut.
   The other will be a dessert pizza. This one I really liked and we have done it. Nutella goes on first, thinly sliced pears, pecans, and then topped with whipped cream or powdered sugar after it comes out of the oven. Wow, what a treat for dessert lovers!
    On August 4th we will be doing the 4th annual Soul Food Festival at Weber Point Park in Stockton as they are evolving into an international food event and welcomed us warmly when we told them we had a mobile pizza business. We have the option of designing a soul food pizza for the event but are not required to. However, we have been working on the menu and trying the basil pesto pizza with mushrooms or fresh tomatoes and another we have tried called Bacon and Bleu which quickly became one of my favorites using ranch dressing, bleu cheese and bacon. Oooooo that was good!

   I also got the website up and running: should get you there. Hopefully we will have some event photos to post once we've done an event or two. If you wish to check us out on Facebook we will try to keep it active and current. I'm not a Facebooker nor do I even know how to navigate the site but a lot of people do look there so I'm trying to reach the masses. Please pardon my Facebook naivete when checking it out. I suppose I'm old fashioned and would rather talk to people in person and not just in a 150 words or less. I suppose, maybe I should count my blessings that all these government agencies don't require you to find them on Facebook.

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