Friday, July 2, 2010

Pizza served at Alice's Restaurant

I'm at this mixer to promote my mural business that is put on by a Sacramento Networking group and somebody I have met before mentions pizza to me. I smile and say yes, I write a pizza blog. Oh, are you a reporter or a journalist? their friends ask.  No, I'm a muralist and I make pizzas as a hobby. What kind of pizzas do you make?  I make all kinds, Italian, New York, Rustic, California style. What about Chicago style? No, not yet, I'm not that interested in Chicago style. Have you seen any of my murals around town? I ask. No, what kind of flour do you use? I tell them I have a variety of flours depending on the type of pizza I'm making. Do you use King Arthur flour, No, I can't find it here on the West Coast. Try Nugget. That's where I go for my pizza supplies. Oh, so you make pizzas too? I've been making pizzas for years at least once a month and you? Yeah I make about 3 a week. Oh so you're serious about your pizza making they say. I guess so, but it's a hobby and I write a blog to catalog my work you might say. Do you have a card with your website address? It's not a website it's a blog. How do I get to your blog? Do you make money from this blog? No, I make money from painting murals. What line of work are you in? Murals. I paint them. Do you make Margherita pizzas too? they ask.  
    Right about now I reach into my wallet and fetch a pizza blog card. Fortunately I had printed some cards up that I still  had in my wallet for my relatives when I went to pay my respects to my uncle who recently passed over. Instead of mural cards that I gave them anyway which disappeared quickly once handed over to them, they dwelled on the blog address card. I only made them on the computer because I thought it would be easier to hand someone a card instead of trying to find something to write on. I really didn't think it would be that difficult to remember a blog address but it seems to stop people like a deer in the headlights when I tell them how to look it up or to just Google Rediscovering Pizza and it will come up. Seriously, I didn't realize that people quit listening when you have too many syllables to memorize. Heck, I still remember my friends phone numbers from grade school and if you asked me at 4:30 in the morning to recite all 16 minutes of Alice's Restaurant by Arlo Guthrie I could do it
without skipping a beat. I have done it on numerous occasions. Ask me to report on Art History and the High Renaissance and I can't remember much even though my degree was in Fine Art. I think though, todays' technology prevents us from remembering anything. We just open up our cell phones or PDA's and file it away like it was second brain. So the card idea was a good one and I will continue to keep a couple in my wallet in case I go to another mixer and try to promote my mural business again. I always hate those things anyways because nobody cares if they met an artist but if they met that guy that makes pizzas it was a good night for them. It can have it's advantages I suppose. If it hadn't been for my pizza legacy those poor people would be talking about this poor sap who tries to paint murals for a living. Instead they are driving home with a smile and saying to themselves, I wonder if there's a pizzeria around here somewhere. I'm hungry.

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  1. Have you thought of painting a mural of a pizza? I could take a picture and put it in my cell phone. We ate pizza lasst night in Glendale, AZ at the pizzeria, La Piazza Al Forno that was on Diners, Dives and Drive-ins. Your Margherita D.O.C. pizza was better than his! His tomato sauce and mozzarella was as delicious, but your pizza has a more crispy, flavorful crust. Glad I live so near you!