Monday, May 31, 2010

Margherita Pizza and Santa Margherita Chianti

          Voting doesn't start until June 15th through July 15th

The contest has begun! Santa Margherita has accepted my video and posted it. This is just a short message to let everyone know that the contestant with the most votes for their video will get to go to L.A. to represent themselves in a cooking challenge that I have entered. If I should do well there then it's off to Chicago with Sheri to compete!



Contest doesn't start until June 15th and you can vote until July 15th.


 The link to the page where the video is below.
 So please go vote for your favorite pizza blogger!

Voting starts June 15th through July 15th, 2010

Watch the video titled Marghermeata Pizza and then, fill in your name etc. Leave a comment and vote! I am in the Chianti Classico contest. It's about a minute and 47 seconds in all. If you could do one more favor for me. Please email it out to anyone you can think of to vote for me. I really would like to win! Thank you, Cheers and Pizza on Earth, Vince

Hardly anybody has entered this contest so I figure I have a really good chance to win!

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