Thursday, April 29, 2010

Heading back to Tony's

We did it. We had another dining adventure at Tony's Napoletana Pizzeria in San Francisco.
Two of our pizza making friends, Dean & Joanne treated us to one of the two tickets she had won at a raffle to cruise out under the Golden Gate, around Alcatraz and back to the pier. After a walk on the wharf and cruising through a couple of art galleries
we headed up Stockton Blvd. to Tony's. Unfortunately Tony had taken the day off after returning
from Italy and winning the triple
crown of pizza cooking contests. Nobody has ever done it before; not even an Italian. He is, to pizza over there, what our Lance Armstrong was to the French and the Tour de France–beating them at their own game. So, it was an hour wait on a Saturday evening, but what a beautiful spring day in San Francisco it turned out to be. Again we ordered his crown jewel,

the Napoletana Margherita,

a Garlic and Clam
and a Cal Italia which was another Gold Medal Winner from the Pizza Challenge and the Food Network. It carried mozzarella, asiago, imported Italiann Gargonzola cheeses with a sweet fig preserve,
thin slices of proscuitto and and topped with parmesan and a basalmic reduction. No wonder it won! It was a delicate balance of simple flavors, not outweighed by the sweetness of the fig sauce which made it almost a pizza pastry. Wow, I had no idea a pizza could be sweet and salty at the same time and just leave you drooling for more.
We both came home with a signed copy of Tony's book of pizza recipes and desserts. How could we not? After tasting his pizza masterpieces you have to know how he did it! One pizza at a time I suppose, is the only way to go right now.
I don't know why he does it. I suppose after winning these world championships of pizza he wants to share his expertise with those who are interested. In the business world I would have to think it would be business suicide to let go of your secrets. However, in his school of pizza where you can become certified in pizza making of every sort, you will learn his secrets anyway. On a professional level he will train you and you will become certified in only 5 days in one certain type of pizza making. For example: at his International School of Pizza (Scula Italiana Pizzaioli) which is the only international school certified by the Italian International School of Pizza,
Tony will personally train you to bake his world famous Margherita for a mere $1800 to $2000 in a 5-6 day course. Other courses cost less, such as Romana or any one type of American Pizza for only $1500. Or if you prefer all 3 of the American styles which would include all 3 of these certifications in New York, Chicago and California styles for about $4000. Do you think Ray Kroc would have done that to make hamburgers? Or Colonel Sanders? Ahh, but Tony, you give away the very types of flour you use, the brands of cheese and tomatoes. On YouTube I will see all of your techniques. What do I need to become certified for? You have taught me practically everything that I know so far. But he has also taught me that when I return to Tony's, to bring friends. Anybody want to toss pizza dough with Tony? Only $500 for beginners and $500 for advanced!

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  1. This post made my mouth water.
    Tony is a true pizza treasure. He oozes pizza passion. I can Tony the Ambassador of pizza.
    I'm ready to head right over to San Francisco right now to try one of his amazing pizzas! Thanks for this great review.
    Albert Grande,