Friday, March 26, 2010

Form before Function

Everybody says it's the dough that makes a good pizza. They are correct, but at this stage of the game I wasn't ready to accept that. Being an artist, I needed to work in color. I went on the quest to make a really good rich, red pizza sauce. Similar to spaghetti sauce, maybe a little firmer and ripe with flavor I thought I could just throw the ingredients I had in the house, pile up the garlic and simmer it til next Tuesday and voila', all done. It wasn't going to work that way. The more I read the more I realized I didn't know what I was doing. Every cook has their version and mine wasn't even close to any of theirs. I had to go to the pro's. Again I searched and found help. This time in the form of a DVD sold on the internet. I laid out my $30, sat back and waited. For a price you can buy all the knowledge you need. This is the link to take you to that DVD. The link to is also at the bottom of this blog.
I had to admit, I'm not as good a pizza sauce cook as I thought I was. But, that has been changing steadily. The sauce I developed from the ingredients in the video and a trip to the store were exactly the taste I was looking for. A little spicier but that gives it a wang that stays with you and I want my pizza to be remembered. I, being of Danish extraction, did not grow up eating anything more spicy than a fish stick. The foods I liked as a child were not going to sting anybody's throat. I used to say that the Danes are the ones who put the 'dane' in 'mundane' when it comes to food. So any amount of spice was an eye popper for me. I used to think cinnamon flavored toothpicks were too hot as a kid. I was going to have to adjust. The flavors in the sauce mingled and complemented each other so well. I could see and taste that this was right and I had been way off. Search over for now.

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